The Call for Speakers for InterDrone 2016 is Closed

Speak at InterDrone, The International Drone Conference and Exposition!

Would you like to speak at InterDrone, The International Drone Conference and Exposition? Read on!

We are currently seeking proposals for 45-minute sessions or two-part, 90-minute sessions, as well as panelists for pre-determined panel topics. InterDrone kicks off on Wednesday morning, September 7, and will have three jam-packed days of classes and panels.

InterDrone offers attendees 8 different classes or panels per time slot stretching across these different tracks but full conference attendees can visit any session they like and will usually mix and match.

Your Proposal

When you propose a class, be clear about what the attendee will learn. What will they walk away from your class and be able to do? Bullet points can be very helpful. Please assume that the attendees already know why you are talking about the subject matter and do not need a lengthy introduction about why the topic is important or interesting. Get to the real instruction or insights.

The classes are not an opportunity for a sales pitch, but rather a time to teach attendees practical skills in building, buying, or flying and using drones.

In your session proposal, please include the following:

• The proposed title of your class. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
• A description of 150 – 300 words. The more detail you provide, the better. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
• Tell us if your session is Overview, Intermediate or Advanced. 
• Explain what prerequisite skills or knowledge should be expected.
• Your bio of 125–150 words, with a summary of your teaching expertise. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
• Your hi-res digital headshot. See
• Twitter and blog addresses (if you have them).

Please submit a proposal electronically as a text e-mail or as a Word document to Katie Flash, Conference Program Director, at by Friday, May 13 You will be notified by Monday, May 27, if you've been accepted to speak or not. 

InterDrone 2015 was the largest commercial drone show in North America attracting nearly 3,000 attendees, 99 exhibitors and more than 150 marketing partners. More than 100 classes, panels and keynotes were presented and the event was covered widely across major news and media outlets.  As Robert Rodriquez, President of the Society of Aerial Cinematography said, “It looks like the drone industry has chosen their go-to event!"

InterDrone 2016 will be even larger and we expect to serve up more than 120 classes, panels and keynotes at this year’s event. InterDrone attendees are commercial drone professionals – defined as someone who uses drones to make money or in their business. Many of the attendees own or were launching a Drone Service Business (DSB) to serve a vertical industry. Here is what InterDrone 2015 attendees used drones for:

Aerial Photography 67.8%
Surveying & Terrain Mapping 54.1%
Agriculture 48.2%
Construction & Building Inspection 45.9%
Real Estate, Golf Course, Resort Marketing 39.2%
Cinematography 33.3%
Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Search and Rescue 31.4%
Pipeline, RR, Bridge, and Infrastructure Inspection 29.0%
Civil Infrastructure 27.8%
Process, Power & Utilities 26.7%
Action Sports Filming 18.4%
Wildlife Monitoring and Preservation 18.8%
Other (please specify) 16.1%
Advertising 14.9%
Newsgathering and Reporting 12.2%
Traffic Monitoring and Flow Analysis 11.4%
Athletic Practice Recording 9.4%
Package Delivery 7.5%
Telecom & Airborne WiFi 5.5%
Meteorology 4.3%

InterDrone is loosely organized into three technical conferences plus some special tracks within them. They are:

Drone TechCon: For the builders of drones. Typical content here is advanced flying dynamics and principles, chip and board selection, hardware/software integration, airframe considerations, sensors, power issues, and software development.

Drone Enterprise: For drone flyers, buyers and Drone Service Businesses (DSB’s) using drones for enterprise applications such as precision agriculture, surveying, mapping, infrastructure inspection, law enforcement, package delivery, and search and rescue.

Drone Cinema: For drone flyers, buyers and DSB’s that are primarily engaged in aerial photography, videography and cinematography. This includes drone use for real estate and resort marketing, action sports and movie filming, newsgathering, and basically any professional activity where the quality of the image is paramount.

Special Focus tracks:
Precision Agriculture
Venture Capital and Funding
Beginnings: Getting Off the Ground
Legal and Regulatory Considerations