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These sessions and panels will show you how UAVs can streamline your workflow and improve job safety through better data and image collection, meeting BIM schedules, and efficient resource management. With real-world examples from fellow construction UAV operators, you will learn the latest tips, tricks and best practices for using drones safely on your construction projects. 

Sample Classes and Panels

Using UAVs, Laser Scanners, and Ground Images to Create
  Highly-detailed 3D
 Reality Meshes for Industrial Sites
Drones and Big Data (Making the Most of Your Imagery)
Workflow Integration - How to Get Your Staff to Buy in
Drones in Construction: An End-User’s Perspective - Panel
Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum
Developing Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manuals and          Implementing a Safety Management System, Parts I and II
Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know
Drones in Construction: Cutting-Edge Technology - Panel
Mapping and Modeling from Drone Images: Industry Solutions and  Workflow with Pix4Dmapper
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Sample of 2016 Attendees

AECOM • Bechtel • Bentley Systems • Black & Veatch
CASC Engineering • DPR Construction • GM Builders, Inc.
• KB Home • Ludi Engineering • Turner Industries Group
• KEE Concrete and Construction, Inc.
• MBC Construction • OC&C Construction
• Sanshin Construction Materials Co.
• Siewert Heavy Industries 

Sponsoring Media and Associations

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