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Session and panel content will cover use cases and real-world implementations for using drones in inspecting infrastructure including pipelines, telecom towers, railroads, oil and gas facilities and utility infrastructure. You will learn tools, tips and techniques for faster and safer problem detection as well as how UAVs can affect your company’s bottom line. 

Sample Classes and Panels

• Flying Drones in Hazardous and Confined Environment Inspections

The Future of Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations – Panel

Infrastructure & Utility Inspection: Cutting-Edge Technology - Panel

The Step-by-Step Process for Beyond Visual Line of Sight FAA Approval

Piloting Your Drone in Hard to Fly Locations

UAS and Railroad Inspection

Workflow Integration - How to Get Your Staff to Buy-in

AI-Augmented Inspections: Automatizing Drone Workflow

Drones and Big Data (Making the Most of Your Imagery)

Infrastructure & Utility Inspection: An End-User’s Perspective - Panel

Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum

Developing Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manuals and Implementing a Safety Management System, Parts I and II

Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know

Innovations in UAV Structural Inspections - Panel

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Sample of 2016 Attendees

AECOM • American Tower Corporation
Black & Veatch • Chevron  • Energen
Exelon Corporation  • Exxon Mobil
General Dynamics • General Electric
Halliburton •  Honeywell • Hunt Construction
Marathon Oil • National Association Of Tower Erectors
New Heights Inspection and Engineering
Puget Sound Energy • Sunoco
Union Pacific • United Wireless Holdings, Inc.
Valero Energy • Verizon Ventures

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