Police, Fire, Emergency Response and SAR Sponsored by Yuneec    
Time and time again, drones have been proven essential tools in dire, emergency situations as well as for law enforcement use, including surveillance and security. These sessions and panels will focus on real-world applications by users on the front lines of firefighting, policing and Search & Rescue operations. Discover the latest best practices, tips and tricks for implementation and operation of drones in your department or organization. 

Sample Classes and Panels

• 25 Steps For Implementing Drones Into Your Police or Fire Department
• Public Use Operations vs. Part 107 for First Responders: Making a Case for Both
• Opportunities for Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search/Rescue
• UAV Orthomosaics for Law Enforcement
• Policing in The Age of Drones: Detection and Enforcement Challenges & Opportunities
• Drones, Thermal Imaging and Emergency Response
• The Day a Fireman Became a Drone Pilot
• Drones in Police, Fire, Emergency Response, Search & Rescue: An End-User’s Perspective
• Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum
• Developing Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manuals and Implementing a Safety
  Management System, Parts I and II

• Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know
• The Step-by-Step Process for Beyond Visual Line of Sight FAA Approval
• Piloting Your Drone in Hard to Fly Locations
• Drones in Police, Fire, Emergency Response, Search & Rescue: Cutting-Edge Technology
• Achieving Eternal Flight Through a Tethered Uni-Rotor Network (TURN) Aircraft
• State Drone Privacy Laws: What Are They and How Likely are You to Break One?
• Hacker and Terrorist Drones: Emerging Security Implications and Threat Mitigation Tactics

Drones in Search and Rescue at InterDrone Las Vegas
Drones in Police at InterDrone Las Vegas

Some of the Attendees in 2016

Boulder County Sheriff's Office • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms • Cape Girardeau Police Department
City of North Las Vegas Fire Department
Henderson Police Department • Honolulu Fire Department • Killeen Police Department • Maricopa County Sheriff's Office • Mesa Fire and Medical Department • Nevada Highway Patrol • Norfolk Fire Rescue • Phoenix Police
Rialto Police Department • Santa Monica Police Department • US Army TARDEC • US Border Patrol • US Navy
USAF Civil Air Patrol • USDA APHIS WS ATOC • USDA Forest Service • SWARM - SARDrones.org

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Drones in Search and Rescue and Fire

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