Surveying & Mapping

UAVs are becoming part of the standard toolkit of anyone looking to map the landscape.  As with any tool, a UAV on a mapping project needs to be deployed appropriately. These sessions will dive into using photogrammetry to create 3D point clouds, building orthomosaics, cadastral and corridor surveying techniques, volumetric collection and calculations, and more.  Come learn about the latest tips, tricks and best practices from leading end users and suppliers in surveying and mapping.

Sample Classes and Panels

Drone-Based 3D Mapping: The Major Data Revolution Happening Now
Mapping the World - Innovation in LiDar and 3D Mapping – Panel
Drones and Big Data (Making the Most of Your Imagery)
Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum
Mapping and Modeling from Drone Images: Industry Solutions and Workflow with Pix4Dmapper
The Step-by-Step Process for Beyond Visual Line of Sight FAA Approval
Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know
Workflow Integration - How to Get Your Staff to Buy-in!
Using UAVs, Laser Scanners, and Ground Images to Create Highly-detailed 3D Reality Meshes for Industrial Sites
Using Ardupilot Open-Source Systems for Professional Precision Mapping
The Future of Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations – Panel
Developing Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manuals and Implementing a Safety Management System, Parts I and II

Learn about Drones in Surveying at InterDrone 2017
Learn about Drones in Mapping at InterDrone 2017

Sample of 2016 Attendees

Illinois Department of Transportation

Roadway Intelligence

JPH Land Surveying, Inc.

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

 Nevada Dept. of Transportation

Property Drone Consortium

Union Pacific • US Border Patrol

Open Spaces Land Consulting Ltd

Meridian Surveys • Terrestrial Imaging

Sponsoring Media and Associations

Learn about Drones in Mapping at InterDrone 2017
Learn about Drones in Surveying at InterDrone 2017
Surveying and Mapping Special Session at InterDrone
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