InterDrone is chock-full of content for drone videographers, from filming movie scenes for Hollywood, to real estate and resort marketing. If you want to improve your visual and flying technique, InterDrone is the place to be. Learn post-production tricks and colorizing; which gear is best for the shots you want; how to fly in tricky conditions; and what the ever-changing regulatory climate means for you. Take your UAV videography up to the next level as you learn tips and tricks from your experienced peers and experts in the industry.  

Sample Classes and Panels

• 10 Drone Tips for Successful Videos
Opportunities for UAV operators in Real Estate
Brace for Impact - Surviving Your Next Inflight Emergency
Drones Over Hollywood: How to Get In On the Action
Multi Rotors and Camera Stabilization On Set
Post Production Practices for UAV Footage
Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum
Professional Drone Cinematography Best Practices
Filters for UAV Cameras
Introduction to Color Correction for Drone Cinema
Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know
Motion and Aerial Cinematography
How to Get Your Drone Videos Noticed
Aerial Photography - What's New & How To Stand-Out
Piloting Your Drone in Hard to Fly Locations
How to Sell Aerial Photography Services to Real Estate Agents
Privacy Laws: What Are They and How Likely are You to Break One?
Using Drones to Streamline and Improve the Insurance Business
Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Extending Flight Time
Zen and the Art of Multirotor Maintenance, Parts 1 & 2
How TV News Benefits from Drones
Insuring Your Drone Business: What You Need to Know
FAA Regulations: The Latest Outlook
Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon
The Future of Drone Sense-and-Avoid Technology
Small Drone Flight Operations


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