Special Pre-Conference Session
Learn how to pass the Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Exam at InterDrone
This training session will focus on the essential areas to study for the Part 107 Knowledge Exam Test.  Course content and objectives will include Part 107 rules and regulations, aeronautical charts, weather patterns and National Airspace System (NAS), as well as eligibility requirements to be able to take the FAA written knowledge test.
This course will cover more than just the fine details of what you need to know for the Knowledge Test, but also provide you with insight on how to think and operate like a professional commercial drone pilot and provide you with everyday examples that remote pilots may encounter when out performing commercial flight operations for themselves or their clients.  This session will be a comprehensive overview to assist you with preparation for taking the Part 107 Knowledge Test and thinking about the next steps beyond the Knowledge Test.

Topics will include:

• Following policies and practices such as pre-flight and post-flight checklist for every drone flight operations
• Getting to know your sUAS and its failsafe systems
• How to get permission and prepare for flights outside of Class G airspace
• Online test prep resources (handout)
• Industry Standards
• FAA Past Practices and the direction they are moving in

What you will learn:

• Understanding Part 107 Regulations
• Understanding and identifying the various classes of controlled, uncontrolled, and Special Use airspace
• The process of obtaining permission (waivers) to operate in controlled airspace and conduct other non-standard operations
• An understanding of how to read and interpret aeronautical chart symbology
• Planning methods to translate a location on street/satellite maps into an aeronautical chart
• Understanding of Aeronautical Decision Making and human factors affecting safe flight
• Understanding basic weather principles
• Interpreting weather reports and forecasts
• And More!

Your Instructors:

Enrico_Schaefer-1.jpgEnrico Schaefer
Enrico Schaefer, the founding attorney at Traverse Legal, PLC, is a UAS pilot and technology lawyer. His firm includes UAV pilots, college UAS instructors and drone attorneys. Mr. Schaefer is a seasoned trial attorney practicing UAS, FAA drone law, Part 107, Section 333 Exemption petition representation, internet, copyright, domain name, trademark, consumer class action and mass tort law on a global basis.  Mr. Schaefer represents drone companies, UAS vendors, drone developers, and many others in the technology space across a wide range of issues. Mr. Schaefer has been following the FAA’s rule making process for drones and UAVs for many years, and recently launched www.dronelaw.pro to assist his drone and UAS clients. Mr. Schaeffer has been a top-rated speaker at previous InterDrones.

RobertDreer-ID.jpgRobert Dreer
Robert Dreer is the Assistant Chief UAS Instructor at Northwestern Michigan College, where he provides curriculum development, student instruction and mentorship for the UAS training program. He holds the FAA Remote Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor licenses and has logged over 4,500 hours of remote and manned flight time. Robert is a graduate of the US Army Intelligence Center and Northwestern Michigan College Aviation. Robert leverages over a decade of experience in the UAS field, consulting for the Dronelaw.pro legal team, which has provided legal, operational, and startup support for countless entities launching into the drone space. Robert is a small business owner who manages both a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company, using drones to solve problems in environmental science and invasive species management.