Mining & Aggregates
Drones and the data from drones offer huge advantages in every part of the mining and aggregate production lifecycle including exploration, planning/permitting, operations, and reclamation. These sessions and panels will teach you how to analyze stockpiles quickly and efficiently while creating maps and models for planning, reporting and auditing needs. You will also learn UAV worksite management tools and technologies, and how to operate them safely in a hazardous or confined environment. 

Sample Classes and Panels

• Best Practices in UAV Data Gathering for Mining and Aggregates
• Drones in Mining and Aggregates: An End-User’s Perspective - Panel
• Using UAVs, Laser Scanners, and Ground Images to Create
3D Reality Meshes for Industrial Sites
• UAV Best Practices for Mining and Aggregates: A Case Study
• Drones in Mining and Aggregates: Cutting-Edge Technology - Panel
• The Future of Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations - Panel
• Beyond the FAA: Cracking the State Law Conundrum
• Developing Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manuals and
  Implementing a Safety Management System, Parts I and II
• Legal Information Every Drone Operator Needs to Know
• Drones and Big Data (Making the Most of Your Imagery)
• Workflow Integration - How to Get Your Staff to Buy-in

Learn about Drones in Mining at InterDrone 2017
InterDrone Mining and Aggregates

Sample of 2016 Attendees

AECOM • Anaconda Copper • Barrick Gold

Exxon Mobil • General Dynamics • General Electric

Halliburton • Honeywell • Hunt Construction

Mid America Sand & Gravel • Mining Media Intl.

Newmont Mining • Rio Tinto • Union Pacific

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Learn about Drones in Mining at InterDrone 2017