Christina Cardoza

Dec 28, 2016 1:56:08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.27.40 AM.pngAmazon is taking precautions when it comes to their drones in the sky. The company was awarded a patent to thwart against unwarranted hack attacks and being shot down from the sky.

“Uncrewed autonomous vehicles (‘UAVs’) may navigate from one location to another location. During navigation, the UAVs may be vulnerable to various threats. For example, an adversarial person may interfere with the wireless communications of a UAV using a wireless signal jammer. These threats may cause a variety of adverse effects including the UAV crashing,” the patent states.

According to the patent, there are a number of various threats a UAV can face when flying in the sky. For instance, it can be tampered with and impaired; a malicious person could gain access to the vehicle

“By determining that an operation of the UAV may be compromised, countermeasures may be provided. The countermeasures may reduce or eliminate ill-intentioned acts, inadvertent system failures, or mitigate the impact of such acts or failures. For example, theft of the UAVs or items carried by the UAVs due tampering may be reduced or eliminated. In another example, if a malicious person attempts to gain control of the UAV, the compromise may be detected, and the UAV may enter a fail-safe mode in which the UAV returns to base or lands on the ground. The countermeasures may reduce the adverse consequences associated with the compromise,” the patent states.

For years Amazon has been working on Amazon Prime Air, its drone delivery service. Earlier this month, the company made its first autonomous delivery in the Cambridge area of England. The idea is to deliver goods and packages to customers in under 30 minutes.

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