Oct 23, 2014 2:04:07 PM

Americans fly more commercial drones than any other country, according to research by Dronestagram, the first social network for drones. In its infographic “The Drone Revolution by The Numbers,” they highlight interesting facts about drones and their owners. Most drone enthusiasts are male, ranging in age from 30 - 50 with interests in geek culture and photography.


A report by Business Insider suggests that commercial drones will climb to 12% of the $98 billion spent on drones each year. With $11.8 billion on the table, commercial drones will evolve past their humble hobbyist beginnings.

The landscape for drones is constantly changing, where both enthusiasts and manufacturers have started to integrate the Oculus Rift's VR display with drone cameras to give pilots a first person view of their flights. The new Parrot Bebop will feature a simple HDMI hookup via its Skycontroller, but more than a few homebrew iterations have made their way onto YouTube. This video demonstration by Intuitive Aerial is guaranteed to pique the interest of makers, and garage tinkerers alike.

When people think of drones, they often think of automation, which means less jobs, but as Dronestagram’s graphic shows, drones are expected to create over 100,000 new jobs from the new industries and services created by their widespread use. From brand new opportunities for photographers to innovative advertising techniques, drones will have a ripple effect on the way businesses work and operate.

If you’re excited about drones and want to take your hobby to the next level, InterDrone will be opening its registration early next year. Stay tuned to the news page for info and updates.

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