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DJI SDK provides tools for drone developers


Apr 8, 2015 1:00:49 PM

Topics: Drone Development

3D Robotics releases a free and open-source drone application development platform

3D Robotics (3DR) wants to make it easy for developers to add custom features or create applications for their drones. The company has unveiled a free and open-source drone app development platform.

Mar 26, 2015 9:19:00 AM

Amazon’s drones cleared for takeoff in the U.S.

UPDATE: Amazon has filed for a new certificate to fly an updated drone. The company states that the previous drone from last week's approval is already obsolete.

Just when it seemed Amazon’s drone delivery service would never take off in American skies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a statement giving Amazon the green light to test its drones.

Mar 25, 2015 11:09:00 AM

Topics: Regulation

3D Robotics open-sources drone flight control code

Drone development has made huge advances recently, but once the drones get off the ground, users need to be able to fly, control and track them. Drone maker 3D Robotics has announced it has open-sourced its Tower flight control app for drones. The application not only provides users with a feature-rich flight experience, but the open programming interface also allows developers to create or customize features.

“3D Robotics is a big believer in imaginative uses of drones for business and pleasure, as well as in ways that benefit society,” said Colin Guinn, chief revenue officer of 3D Robotics. “By opening up our Tower programming interface to the public, we’re giving enthusiasts and entrepreneurs the ability to impact those uses in a very positive manner. We’re excited to see how people use their talents to improve and innovate on Tower.”

Feb 10, 2015 3:57:01 PM

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A look into the future of drones, with Dronecode’s Andrew Tridgell

Commercial drones are taking software development by storm these days. Drone development is being looked at in all industries from agriculture, journalism, insurance, film, search and rescue, and even real estate. The Linux Foundation launched an open-source platform for drones late last year in order to bring developers the tools and resources they need to innovate and create affordable and reliable drones. InterDrone News caught up with Dronecode’s Technical Steering Committee chair Andrew “Tridge” Tridgell to get an update on Dronecode since its launch, and a look at the future of drones.

Feb 6, 2015 4:52:00 PM

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Drones for journalism

Despite the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) limit on commercial drone use, drone research and development is flourishing, and one industry is looking to take its research even further: journalism.

CNN just recently entered into a Cooperative Research and Development agreement with the FAA in order to improve and advance efforts to use drones for newsgathering and reporting.

Feb 3, 2015 1:56:25 PM

Linux Launches Open-Source Platform for Drones

The Linux Foundation, along with leading technology companies, has launched an open-source software initiative for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The Dronecode Project is designed to bring resources and tools to developers in order to help them innovate and advance affordable and reliable drones.

“Open-source software and collaborative development are advancing technologies in the hottest, most cutting-edge areas. The Dronecode Project is a perfect example of this,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, in the organization’s announcement. “By becoming a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, the Dronecode community will receive the support required of a massive project right at its moment of breakthrough. The result will be even greater innovation and a common platform for drone and robotics open source projects...Read More

Nov 21, 2014 12:27:18 PM

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