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Commercial Drone Alliance calls on Trump to help foster innovation

The United States is currently undergoing a transformative technology era thanks to drones, but with a new President taking office next year, the future of that era is still unknown. The Commercial Drone Alliance, an organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of commercial drone businesses and users, recently wrote to President-elect Donald Trump asking for his help in pushing the drone industry further.

Dec 8, 2016 11:13:05 AM

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Raptor Maps gets commercial backing

Agriculture drone technology provider Raptor Maps is getting the backing it needs to make its solutions soar. The company announced that Airware’s Commercial Drone Fund has decided to invest in them. The fund was established as a way to support developing commercial drone businesses, technologies and services.

Dec 7, 2016 3:42:28 PM

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DJI expands developer solutions

DJI is giving developers new tools to create drone applications. The company announced new features and enhancements to its mobile and onboard software development kits at its first DJI AirWorks conference in San Francisco last week.

Dec 5, 2016 4:30:04 PM

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Build your own custom drone with MIT CSAIL

Now that you can easily fly drones with the FAA’s permission, what type of drone do you want to fly? There are plenty of options on the market and a range of capabilities each drone offers, but what if there isn’t an all-in-one drone out there that fits all your needs?

Dec 5, 2016 4:15:52 PM

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AirMap opens APIs to drone developers

The drone industry is still in its early stages, and AirMap wants to help it reach its full potential. AirMap is an airspace-management platform provider designed to help drones become a part of everyday life. To do so, the company is opening up its airspace technology through a series of APIs and SDKs to developers.

Nov 29, 2016 5:00:04 PM

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Infor and Drone Aviation Corp. team on drone enterprise asset management

Infor is looking to bring real value to businesses with the use of drones. The company has announced the new Drone Enterprise Asset Management Solution (DEAMS) as part of a partnership with Drone Aviation Corp., a tethered drone and aerial platform provider.

Nov 23, 2016 2:02:54 PM

Intel brings Disney’s lightshow to life

In the last week, both Disney and Intel have made headlines about their visions to bring light shows to life with the use of drones. Intel recently released its Shooting Star drone, while Disney teased the idea of presenting a light show sometime this year. Today, the companies are announcing they will be teaming up to make this happen for the holidays.

Nov 17, 2016 10:59:39 AM

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AeroVironment announces new commercial information solution

AeroVironment wants to ensure its customers can gain valuable results from its drones without having extensive knowledge of them. The company unveiled a new integrated commercial information solution, the Quantix drone, along with a decision support system (AV DSS).

Nov 17, 2016 10:48:32 AM

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Airobotics focuses on app developers

Nov 16, 2016 12:40:32 PM

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DJI unveils two new drones

DJI wants to bring aerial imaging to new heights with its latest drones. The company announced the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro.

Nov 15, 2016 4:29:53 PM

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