Michael Pehel

Mar 4, 2015 2:55:27 PM

 Begun the Drone War Has

In one of the latest examples of Star Wars fanaticism, Olivier_C created a working TIE Interceptor out of a Prophecy 335 quadcopter.

It’s not his first either. A few weeks ago, he blew up YouTube with his Millennium Falcon drone. Now, Olivier can finally bring balance to the Force.

The Interceptor’s frame is made almost entirely out of Styrofoam as can be seen in Olivier’s build gallery. I guess the Empire is on a budget these days. All kidding aside, the attention to detail in the build looks impressive considering the form factor of a TIE Interceptor was meant for space, not terrestrial flying.

The Millennium Falcon, the Interceptor’s predecessor, also features a Prophecy 335 as a base with a custom frame, which took a few months to design and tweak. The Falcon appears less stable in the sky when compared to the TIE Interceptor, so it might be a reason to join the Dark Side.


Olivier is not alone in his passion. A few drone/Star Wars devotees in France have started “pod racing” with their drones with the assistance of first-person vision goggles. The FPV goggles from FatShark put the pilot right in the middle of the racing action. The race looks more like the view from a speeder bike than a pod, but the Star Wars feeling pervades.

There should probably be a rule of the Internet for Star Wars fan projects, because Star Wars-esque drones appeared as early as 2010 with the EZ2FLY. No surprise, the X-Wing lookalike never made it to stores due to a lawsuit from Lucasfilm.


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