Christina Cardoza

Mar 31, 2016 10:55:12 AM

VDOS Global and RPAS Training & Solutions are joining forces to form Complier Enterprise, a new organization designed to help enterprise clients in North America, Australia and Africa take get into the drone industry.

“Our goal is to deliver safety, simplicity and savings to our clients with the ability to scale as they need,” said Brian Whiteside, cofounder of Complier Enterprise. "By reducing cost and managing risk through our patent-pending, app-enabled enterprise support, I am very excited by this merger as it allows us to offer our clients a new service while growing with them as they adopt and automate drone technology."

As part of the merger, the RPAS Logger has been rebranded as the Drone Complier Enterprise app. The app is an enterprise solution that handles compliance mandates for businesses by simplifying and managing drone compliance requirements. The app is scalable, works both online and offline, wirelessly between devices, and features free FAA 333 exemptions; job and flight planning; a drone airspace map; integrated COA reporting; job safety management; logbooks; integrated risk management; business-management software; customized checklists; invoicing and payments; and maintenance logs and management.

Interdrone News, dorne safety, drone regulations are being looked into currently by the FAA and local and state government. Drone operators need to be aware of these regulations before they fly their drones. The FAA has strict rules on how drone operators should be operating, where they should be operating and how they should be operating as well as registration numbers in order to keep track of drones. 

“We don’t make the drones; we make them useful,” said Whiteside.

Complier Enterprise will start off focusing on the global insurance market and energy sectors.

“This merger is the coming together of two clear market leaders to form a new, and industry-defining market force,” said Wayne Rochat, cofounder of Complier Enterprise. "We are combining best practice complying tools, world-class drone training expertise, and market-leading drone inspection services into one entity to offer our clients an integrated service, not available anywhere else."

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