Christina Cardoza

Jan 26, 2017 10:57:14 AM


Kitables, a do-it-yourself project kit provider, wants to bring more fun to the drone industry. The company announced a new Kickstarter for a mini Lego drone kit, which includes everything needed to build your very own remote-controlled drone.

“The beauty of this thing is you are going to crash it because it is a quadcopter,” said Arieann Defazio, CEO and founder of Kitables, in a video. “You will crash this thing. The difference is you just pick it back up, glue it together and go again.”

Participants who wish to help fund the project can either purchase their own do-it-yourself kit in different colors, or donate the drone to a local STEM initiative.

The kit challenges both novice and experienced users. All the parts are sent in one box with an easy-to-follow instruction kit. This kit follows the success of Kitables’ regular-sized Lego drone it offered last year.

The Kickstarter campaign is expected to close next month and start shipping the kits in April.

“Kitables is on a mission to create a world of Makers. Why do we need makers? First, because building [is] fun. Second, the experience of making something yourself can further inspire ideas, innovation and problem solving,” according to the project’s Kickstarter page.

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