Christina Cardoza

Oct 11, 2016 11:28:57 AM


DroneDeploy wants to help businesses ramp up their drone operations. The company announced the Drone Mapping Directory, a free marketplace designed to connect businesses with drone service providers and experienced drone pilots.

“Where other drone service marketplaces have focused primarily on photo and video services, this new directory focuses exclusively on drone mapping and enables pilots to showcase examples of their previous mapping projects,” wrote Andy Putch, project manager for DroneDeploy, in a blog post. “Whether you’re a pilot looking to showcase your work and grow your client base, or a business looking to hire drone mapping services, the new directory can help you find your next partner.”

The directory already includes more than 250 drone service providers from 48 countries and 10 industry verticals. Businesses can filter their search by specific locations or industries. The current industry verticals available are agriculture, construction, emergency response, forestry, insurance, mining, oil and gas, photo and video, real estate, solar, and surveying and mapping. In addition, the directory will provide service description, insurance coverage, certifications, industry specifications, and other relevant information.

According to DroneDeploy, with more than 12,000 certified to fly under the FAA’s Part 107, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish high-quality and low-quality drone service providers. The mapping directory was developed in response to help businesses better evaluate what they will be getting in a service provider or pilot.

"Drone companies that invest in their customers' growth help develop and advance the commercial drone industry as a whole," stated Eric Harkins, founder and CEO of Back Forty Aerial Solutions. "DroneDeploy gets it, and their new operators network allows us to reach new customers while leveraging their software to grow our business."

DroneDeploy also announced plans to add new features to the mapping directory such as the ability to build brand awareness and display business logos on the map to share with clients. Those features will be available to DroneDeploy business and Premier plan users.

"The drone service provider is the backbone of the drone economy," said Mike Winn, cofounder and CEO of DroneDeploy. "They have been the early adopters and have exposed businesses globally to the benefits of fast and accurate aerial data. Now, more businesses than ever before are ready to adopt and scale their drone operations, and needing service providers to help them. Our new Drone Mapping Directory and co-branded offering will help bring these parties together more efficiently and unlock value for everyone."

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