Christina Cardoza

Jun 8, 2016 4:05:45 PM


DroneDeploy, a drone software technology provider, recently announced its users have mapped 3 million acres across more than 120 countries in less than two years.

According to the company, this milestone highlights the velocity at which the industry is moving. The company started tracking the amount of acres mapped in January 2015. During the first year, users mapped 1 million acres, and took six months to map an additional 2 million acres, meaning that in half the time the company’s users doubled the amount of acres mapped.

“Drones are truly a game-changer in terms of what they deliver, such as efficiency, accuracy, cost and safety,” said Darr Gerscovich, senior vice president of marketing for DroneDeploy. “If you are not leveraging a drone, this is a space that is definitely worth exploring and paying attention to.”

The recent growth of drone usage is a combination of drones becoming more than just toys and much more sophisticated, being able to build or purchase a drone for less as the hardware begins to evolve, and the increase of uses cases. In addition, Gerscovich said that drones are not just a trend in the United States, but are taking off globally and more businesses are starting to see the value.

DroneDeploy aims to serve a broad range of industries, and it designs its software to make it easier to gain insight from the data it collects. “We have removed the complexity of flying the drone and capturing the data, making it very easy to get to the point: the analysis of the data.” said Gerscovich.

Going forward, the company plans to release more solutions that address all industry verticals, as well as new software that goes deeper within those industry verticals to add unique value, according to Gerscovich.

“Our mission is about making the sky accessible and productive for everyone,” he said. “Businesses don’t approach [drones] saying I want to use a drone; they come at it saying I have a problem I need to solve, and it turns out drones are best positioned to address that.”

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