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Sep 28, 2017 3:58:57 PM


Less than three year's ago the idea of starting a business for drone services was only for a brave and psychic few, but now, after the passing of Part 107 the market is flooding with drone service providers (DSPs). As the competition stiffens and the industry grows, the question remains: How do you make a drone business profitable?

Skylogic Research's 2017 Drone Market Sector Report shines light on the current market conditions and provides critical insights for DSPs trying to grow their business in the fast moving emerging drone market. For example, a skills gap currently exists between what enterprises are looking for and what DSPs offer. According to the report 46% of service providers survey offer aerial photograph and/or video services, but only 31% of businesses use or purchase that service. Two-thirds of businesses are performing drone services with in-house employees.

Out of the drone services making over $100k a year, Surveying/Mapping/GIS tops the list as the primary service conducted. Knowing how to do more than take pretty pictures with a drone can act as a differentiatior in the market place, and provides a possible inroad to the enterprise customer. The other factor that concerns larger clients is industry specific knowledge or experience. Although drones can be used in a host of verticals like agriculture, construction, and cinematography, sometimes the only overlap between those industries stops with the drone itself.

The report which spans 89 pages covers the gamut of the drone market from the leading growth sectors to purchasing habits and software usage. If you are looking to make waves in the commercial drone space, you can dowload it here.

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