Christina Cardoza

Oct 6, 2016 10:37:50 AM

GE is planning on helping customers in the oil and gas industry when the introduction of a new drone. The company unveiled Raven, a prototype drone designed to reduce environmental impact, improve operational efficiency, and help customers be more cost-efficient.

The announcement came at the company’s grand opening of its new Oil and Gas Technology Center in Oklahoma. The new center is designed to allow scientists and engineers to collaborate on cutting-edge technology and hardware solutions that will transform the oil and gas industry.

“To the greatest extent possible, we are bringing the oilfield and our customers directly into our lab space,” said Michael Ming, general manager of the company’s global research oil and gas technology center, in a statement. “When you couple that with the world-leading scientists and engineers based here in Oklahoma City and at GE’s other global research centers around the world, you have a winning formula for driving transformational technologies the industry will need.”

The Raven was successfully tested by the Southwestern Energy Company, which used it to detect emissions from its oilfield equipment.

"When you think of Project Raven and the usage of new tools and applications, it’s going to be key to take the industry forward," said Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO of GE Oil & Gas, according to Bloomberg, a day ahead of its grand opening. "There’s a lot that you can do going forward to help drive productivity."

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