Christina Cardoza

Nov 23, 2016 2:02:54 PM


Infor is looking to bring real value to businesses with the use of drones. The company has announced the new Drone Enterprise Asset Management Solution (DEAMS) as part of a partnership with Drone Aviation Corp., a tethered drone and aerial platform provider.

The new solution is designed to combine tethered drone technologies with Infor’s existing enterprise asset-management solution. With DEAMS, businesses can manage their assets, pull in data, and get a complete view of what is going on.

“The biggest thing is that it brings a complete solution so that the customer doesn’t have to buy an asset-management piece of software, buy a drone technology, and try to piece them together,” said Wayne Bobby, vice president of Infor Federal. “We are doing the homework for the customer upfront. We figured out the solution and its applicability.”

The solution aims to make it easier and more cost-effective to do inspections, and obtain data instead of putting employees and crews at risk. The use of the tethered drone provides the ability to do four- to six-hour inspections instead of having to swap out a battery pack every 30 minutes, according to Louis Wise, chief science and technology advisor to Drone Aviation. In addition, the tethered drone provides the ability to perch-and-stare-capture video, and to laser scan. The cameras equipped with the drones allow operators to zoom in on a few inches from 20 feet away to get the best view. The images and video taken from the drone are stored in Infor’s software solution for comparison and analysis.

“We look at our drone as an information-management system in the sky that is responsible for the observation and surveillance of an asset,” said Reginald Brown, government affairs liaison for Drone Aviation.

The partnership between Drone Aviation and Infor started in the government space but has since expanded to the commercial and civil agency sectors. Commercially the DEAMS can be used in news gathering, energy, inspection, surveying, asset management, and large event security purposes. On the civil agency side, it can be used for law enforcement, border patrol, emergency response, crowd management, and search and rescue areas, according to Brown.

This solution will help a business' ROI because it will be able to identify the aging of an asset, project the replacement of an asset, and help the overall efficiency utilization of an asset, Brown explained.

Going forward, Bobby expects to update the system with better sensors and technology in order to improve data collection and inspection.

"Our customers operate in increasingly complex ecosystems, many of which include shrinking budgets and aging infrastructures that rely heavily on the way assets and resources are managed,” he said. “With the DEAMS solution, customers are able to take an automated approach to asset maintenance and reallocate personnel to perform other essential tasks. This solution was specifically developed to provide efficient, reliable and safe asset management to achieve compliance and maximize the product life cycle."

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