Michael Pehel

Apr 8, 2015 12:35:16 PM

Phantom 3 Drone

Today at its global press event, DJI announced the Phantom 3, the next model in its most popular line of drones. The Phantom 3 takes after its predecessors in being both affordable at a $999 starting point, and accessible with control features that appeal to everybody, from the amateur just starting out to the professional who requires independent camera control and route planning.

The Phantom 3 will come in two models, the Pro, which will feature a 4k camera that can shoot at 24fps, 25fps, and 30fps, priced at $1259, and the Advanced, which will feature a 1080p camera that shoots at 60fps, priced at $999. Besides the camera, both Phantoms will share the exact same mechanical and Pilot app features. There will no longer be the fisheye distortion associated with early drone imaging, and the cameras will be able to handle low light with an f-stop of 2.8. Stills can be captured at 12mp in Adobe DNG Raw.

On the mechanical side, the Phantom 3 has improved the efficiency of its motors which will help it achieve tighter control and a longer battery life with a 23-minute flight time. Adopting the vision positioning system the Inspire 1 debuted with this year, the Phantom 3 will be capable of safer indoor flight and improved stabilization overall.

The DJI Pilot app that also debuted with the Inspire 1 will be adapted to the Phantom 3. With its integrated lightbridge system can display 720p live video the control device of the users choice, whether it be a phone or tablet, and livestream video to YouTube, YouKu, Facebook, and Instagram. From the app, routes can be planned, the camera’s ISO and white balance can be set, and with the new Director feature, video montages can be made with a few simple drag and drop actions.

The new flight simulator within the app can give novices the opportunity to train and professionals the ability to hone their skills even when the weather is not suited for flying. Operators can also check their flight history with automated flight logs.

DJI will be opening up an SDK for the Phantom 3 that will allow developers to adapt the device for any industry. Current uses include autonomous mapping, waypoint driven, flights, and obstacle detection.


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