Christina Cardoza

Apr 28, 2016 10:59:39 AM


One limitation drones face today is that their battery life isn’t long enough for some operators, but adding more power to a drone could potentially weigh it down. Kokam, a battery solution provider, is developing a new battery that won’t impact the weight or size of a system’s battery time, giving operators the ability to extend their operations.

“Military, commercial and industrial customers want unmanned systems with longer operating times and more capabilities, without sacrificing reliability or performance,” said Ike Hong, vice president of the power solutions division at Kokam.

The new battery solution is based on the company’s Ultra High Energy Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) battery technology and provides an energy density of 265 kg, compared to average battery energy densities that range from 150 to 200 kg, according to Kokam.

“Kokam’s new Ultra High Energy NMC battery solutions meet this need, allowing manufacturers to store more energy in their unmanned systems and extend their operating times, or shrink the battery size and add more components,” Hong said.

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