BZ Media and Skylogic Research Release “5 Valuable Business Lessons Learned About Drones in Public Safety and First Responder Operations”

In-depth report dives into recent data points showing how drones are adding value to police, fire, and emergency services operations

BZ Media LLC announced today the fifth in a series of critical examinations of important trends and strategies in vertical commercial drone markets, “5 Valuable Business Lessons Learned About Drones in Public Safety and First Responder Operations.”  The free report was commissioned by BZ Media and written and produced by Skylogic Research.

Jul 12, 2017 8:43:45 AM

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Skylogic Research Announces Launch of In-Depth Survey of Drone Market

Study will examine the consumer and commercial sectors to pinpoint business use and market share of major UAV and software brands

REDWOOD CITY, CA, July 11, 2017 Skylogic Research, LLC  today announced the launch of its 2017 Drone Market Sector Research study examining worldwide drone sales, service providers, business buyers, and software services. This independent research, which is being underwritten by Airware and DroneDeploy, promises to find fresh insights on the various drone industry sectors and the growing demand for businesses to use drone-acquired data in their day-to-day operations.

Jul 11, 2017 9:27:05 AM

Dual Spectrum Computer Vision Platform Revealed by Aerialtronics

This Monday Aerialtronics released Pensar, a twin-sensor computer vision platform for drones. Pensar combines a 30x zoom Sony daylight camera and a FLIR Boson thermal IR camera sensor data and parses it via a deep learning algorithm. The platform rests on the NVIDIA Jetson module for real-time processing and feedback.

With its real-time video processing, it can track objects for annotation, such as deviations in points of interest or blurring out people or signage for privacy reasons. Its computer vision algorithms are robust enough to read the characters on a license plate and virtually any other alphanumeric signage at a distance while in flight. Overall, the system decreases the time needed for post-processing and allows for in the moment emergency detection like gas leaks, or perimeter breeches when used for security surveillance.

Jun 21, 2017 12:23:00 PM

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Aeropmapper Talon Completes 30km BVLOS mission

Canadian UAV manufacturer Aeromao successfully completed a mission that brought its fixed-wing Aeromapper Talon 30km away from its operators, way beyond the limits of human line of sight. The Talon maintained communications and control link over the entire flight which measured 60km back and forth.

Jun 21, 2017 9:39:08 AM

Topics: Control Systems

NASA Develops Safety System That Curbs Haywire Drones

According to Wired Researchers, Trish and Lou Glaab at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia have developed an in-flight diagnostic system that notifies drones about critical failures and forces them to land safely. The system, Safe2Ditch, uses algorithms to detect everything from structural failures to battery problems, and even shifts in cargo due to inclement weather.

Jun 20, 2017 2:38:04 PM

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3DR and SoftBank C&S Partner to Drive Productivity in Japanese AEC Industry

3DR has partnered with SoftBank C&S to bring its aerial data platform Site Scan to construction and engineering professionals in Japan. SoftBank's reputation in Japan as a quality distributor of IT services and communications will play a key role in convincing companies within AEC industry to adopt 3DR's software and drones to manage their construction, architecture, and engineering projects.

Jun 20, 2017 1:20:35 PM

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Third Annual Women-in-Drones Panel and Luncheon Taking Place at InterDrone 2017

Top female pioneers from the UAV/commercial drone industry address key issues; InterDrone drives thought leadership, partners with more than a dozen leading women-in-tech groups

BZ Media LLC announced today the third annual Women-in-Drones Luncheon, a special networking event at InterDrone The International Drone Conference & Exposition being held September 6-8 at the Rio in Las Vegas. Maria Stefanopoulos, an Emmy Award Winning Production Manager for ABC News, Good Morning America, and a licensed drone pilot will moderate the panel and luncheon sponsored by Intel.

Jun 19, 2017 12:41:32 PM

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EY Institutes Drone Use in Manufacturing and Retail Warehouse Audits

Industry-leading professional service network EY plans on utilizing drones to improve the accuracy and inventory during its audits. They have started a pilot project to test the reliability and efficiency of UAV data collection with EY's Assurance global audit digital platform.

Jun 14, 2017 9:58:27 AM

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GE Eyes Using Drones for Inspecting Factories, Refineries and Rail

GE may jump into the drone inspection market as it has already begun trial testing autonomous robotic "crawlers," for use in refineries, factories, and railroads according to Reuters. GE hopes to take a chunk of the $40 Billion global inspection industry.

Jun 13, 2017 11:06:07 AM

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InterDrone 2017 Media and Association Partner Support Swells to Record 300+ Organizations

4,000 commercial drone buyers and flyers expected to attend world’s largest event dedicated to commercial drones, taking place September 6-8, Las Vegas

Jun 6, 2017 9:07:07 AM

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