Christina Cardoza

May 11, 2016 3:21:59 PM


Safety is a huge concern and obstacle in the emerging drone industry, but how do you prevent a drone from crashing down from the sky? The short answer is you can’t: Crashes and falls are unavoidable, but you may be able to prevent any damage from happening.

ParaZero, a company dedicated to promoting drone safety, is providing drones with a parachute so that when an emergency happens, the drone can safely float to the ground. “The idea is having SafeAir onboard will enable safer operations of drones, and our goal is provide safety even if someone has dual redundancy of GPS, autopilot and batteries,” said Oren Aviram, CMO of ParaZero.

The founders of the company originally started out with the idea to develop autonomous drones, but when one of their drones went out of control and almost hit them, the idea of ParaZero and SafeAir was born. “After that incident, they understood that this industry that is being developed is a new industry and is going to have a big issue with the safety of drones,” Aviram said.

SafeAir features a smart emergency computer that includes free-fall protection, integration with drones, loss of control protection, the ability to work at any range, loss of power protection, and remote activation. The solution also allows drone operators to manually deploy the parachute when they see their drone going out of control, or it can be automatically deployed in certain conditions. When the parachute is deployed, a buzzer will go off in order to notify people below of the incoming drone.

In addition, the company has an airbag solution to protect drone payloads and reduce the energy of impact. “We are looking at how to slow down the falling object, and also make the impact softer,” said Aviram.

He believes providing drones with these solutions will make it easier for drone operators to fly over cities and provide delivery services. “I can’t say drones are falling out of the sky all the time, and I am sure manufacturers are making them more and more safe and redundant,” he said.

“But for people to feel safe and regulators to let companies like Google, Amazon and Flirtey to deliver within cities and urban areas—and above people—I think there will be a requirement for something that will reduce or mitigate risk.”

The company’s solution currently works with a limited set of 3DR and DJI drones, but ParaZero is working on providing solutions for more manufacturers in the future.

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