Christina Cardoza

Nov 5, 2015 10:50:53 AM

It has been said that drones are the new mobile, but what if mobile are really the new drones? A Kickstarter campaign is taking your smartphone to a new level—literally. PhoneDrone Ethos aims to bring a whole new dimension to smartphones, by turning it into a drone.

“Since their inception, smartphones have been confined to only two dimensions: limited to roam the earth at ground level. It's time to set your smartphone free! Grant your smartphone access to the third dimension with PhoneDrone Ethos,” the project wrote on its Kickstarter page.

PhoneDrone Ethos’ reasoning for this type of technology is that phones already have the sensors, processors and wireless capabilities in drones, so why spend thousands of dollars on a device you already have in your pocket?

Users can use the PhoneDrone Ethos app to preset their PhoneDrone mission, or to tether it to another device such as the Apple Watch for real-time control. For users who are worried about damaging their phone if their PhoneDrone crashes, the project has developed a redundant electronic design and a protective universal mount in case of an accident.

xCraft, the company behind PhoneDrone Ethos, will also be providing developers with a PhoneDrone Controller API that will enable them to build drone capabilities into their apps, or to create new apps around the technology.

The project is expected to be ready by September of next year. It will work with the iPhone 4s and up, Samsung Galaxy S II and up, and the Apple Watch.

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