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May 2, 2016 4:02:56 PM

Skylogic Research, LLC together withBZ Media LLC today released “Drones in the Channel: 2016 Market Report,” examining drone sales and distribution channels in North America.  The report offers fresh insights on the major brands and the growing role that distribution and reseller businesses play in the sale of consumer and commercial drones. The report is available for purchase here.

Incorporating qualitative and quantitative research and including interviews with major drone manufacturers and drone distributors, the study also contains a precision survey with a confidence level of 95% for a population of five million buyers. It provides a comprehensive view of topics like:

  • U.S. market size for all drones and growth projections by segment (cost of drones, commercial activity, etc.)
  • Brand market share
  • The extent of big-box store penetration (what they carry, how many SKUs, etc.)
  • The major drone distributors (who they are, what they carry, how many, major customers, customers by industry segment)

The study also reports data collected from the survey of drone buyers and provides insight on:

  • Where they purchase their drones (e.g., online or in a store)?
  • What matters most about the purchase (e.g., price, availability of accessories, or service)?
  • The intended drone use—for hobby or racing or photography purposes, or for their employer?
  • The most popular drone brands by price point?

“Drone distribution is in the heady 'Wild West’ phase with many channel players donning multiple hats as the market settles into stratified price points and uses for drones. This was the first extensive study of the drone dealer channel and there was no better place to present the results than at the first Drone Dealer Expo when the industry supply chain was gathered together in Orlando,” said Ted Bahr, president and CEO, BZ Media.

“As the drone industry grows and evolves, it’s important for all to identify and understand who the major brands are and what opportunities and relationships are in the supply chain,” said Colin Snow, CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research.

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