Christina Cardoza

May 24, 2016 2:04:42 PM


The commercial drone market is emerging with a variety of use cases, but in order for those use cases to be beneficial, the drone has to be able to stay in flight. Skysense, a provider of enterprise drone solutions, has announced an automated charging solution designed to charge drones without human intervention.

“Drones are interesting for two reasons: because they can fly, and because they can do it autonomously,” said Andrea Puiatti, CEO of Skysense. “But it doesn’t really fly autonomously today. You always need people in the field for battery swapping.”

According to Puiatti, current charging solutions make it too expensive for drones to perform long-term tasks such as monitoring infrastructure, surveying crops and patrolling areas because their battery life is limited and requires someone to replace their batteries. The Skysense charging solution provides a direct contact-charging pad that can charge batteries with a 10-amp current.

“It doesn’t have the shortcomings of induction [charging], and now [that] batteries are being developed to recharge faster, our technology can keep up with that,” said Puiatti. “The reason why our customers are interested in our technology [is because] they want to deploy drones at scale without human intervention. Human intervention makes drone deployment unscaleable.”

Currently the solution works with the majority of drones on the market, according to Puiatti. The company plans to go from a private network to a public network once the FAA releases its regulation and opens the skies to more drones.

“We like [the] Skysense solution because [it] is mature, reliable and easy to use,” said David Trillo Pérez, CEO of AVANSIG, an autonomous drone technology provider. “When drones land, they get recharged in relatively short time. We are excited to start using the Web integration.”

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