Amazon patents voice-controlled miniature drone

Amazon is bringing its Alexa technology to unmanned vehicles. The company was recently awarded a patent for an “unmanned aerial vehicle assistant.”

Oct 19, 2016 4:20:05 PM

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Amazon granted patent for UAV docking stations

Amazon is looking to cover all its bases as it builds out its Prime Air drone delivery service. The company was recently granted a patent for “multi-use UAV docking station systems and methods” that would provide drones with operations such as a recharging station, navigational aid, and routing information. The company sees existing structures such as buildings, cell towers and light poles being used as docking stations as well as standalone structures.

Jul 20, 2016 4:43:45 PM

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Google granted patent for medical assistance drone

Google entered the drone delivery space in 2014, but has been mum about what it plans to deliver. The company was just awarded a new patent that gives new insight into the company’s drone delivery strategy.

Apr 6, 2016 5:18:09 PM

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