Panel: Drone industry needs to take commercial future into its own hands

If you are in the drone industry, it is well known by now the benefits unmanned systems can bring to every sector of the economy. But outside the drone industry, the public has some serious privacy and security fears, which can halt innovation and stop the growth of the industry. In order for the commercial drone space to really grow, the industry needs to take hold of its own future, according to a commercial drone panel at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2016 conference in New Orleans today.

May 4, 2016 4:59:48 PM

Topics: Regulation

FAA announces new commitments to the drone industry at AUVSI

The Federal Aviation Administration understands its drone work has only just begun, and it needs to work with the industry in order to organize, manage and refocus its priorities while preserving the growth of innovation. The administration unveiled plans to launch a broad advisory committee that will advise the FAA on key unmanned issues at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2016 event in New Orleans today.

May 4, 2016 1:25:59 PM

Topics: Regulation

Senate passes FAA Reauthorization Act

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2016 was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate 95 to 3 on Tuesday, and is now moving onto the House of Representatives. The bill is designed to reauthorize the FAA and its programs through the 2017 fiscal year. This is a significant step for the drone industry because it includes how the FAA will continue its work to integrate drones into the national airspace, and what will be on the forefront of its priorities in the upcoming year.

Apr 19, 2016 4:31:22 PM

Topics: Regulation

FAA tackles regulations for micro drones that operate over people

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently considering regulations that would allow certain small unmanned aircraft to operate over people who are not directly involved in their flight. The administration has developed the Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) to come up with recommendations for performance-based regulations. The committee has made its final regulations publicly available.

Apr 7, 2016 10:59:19 AM

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Navigating through the legal landscape for drones

There are a ton of technical hoops drones have to fly through before they can be truly mainstream. The technology is still developing and advancing on the way to making them into autonomous smart flying machines, but it isn’t only the technical hurdles drone operators have to be looking at. Before they can even prepare their drones for liftoff, they have ensure they are complying with all the legal regulations.

Apr 6, 2016 4:00:54 PM

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FAA doubles ‘blanket’ altitude

Section 333 exemption holders and government aircraft operators are getting some more room to use their unmanned systems. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced it is doubling its “blanket” altitude authorization to 400 feet; the agency previously put a nationwide Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) at 200 feet.

Mar 29, 2016 3:47:29 PM

Topics: Regulation

FAA furthers its effort to safely integrate drones into the nation’s airspace

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced it is establishing a new effort designed to expand the safe integration of unmanned aircraft. The FAA is creating a regulatory framework that would enable certain drones to fly over people who aren’t directly involved in the aircraft’s operation.

Feb 25, 2016 10:33:30 AM

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The FAA updates its Washington, D.C. drone restrictions

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is easing up on its drone restrictions in Washington, D.C. It was previously reported the organization was shutting down all model aircraft clubs around the D.C. area. The FAA announced it is updating those restrictions to clarify who can and can’t fly.

Feb 11, 2016 10:38:05 AM

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Why The FAA is Temporarily Suspending Drone Registrations

Following the FAA’s rule requiring all small-UAS to be registered, the Federal Aviation Administration will be temporarily suspending the registration system due to an overwhelmingly strong initial demand. Users submitted over 45,000 registrations in the first couple of days after the system launched, and the shutdown is an effort to combat reported slowdowns.

Dec 29, 2015 3:22:57 PM

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FAA releases official small-UAS registration rule

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced a rule for small-UAS registration. The rule has been a work in progress for months, and is based off the FAA’s task force’s recommendations.

Dec 14, 2015 12:20:54 PM

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