The Status of the Drone Software Market

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Jon Tull

Jon Tull is the founder and President of FarmSolutions and operates a commercial avocado orchard where all FarmSolutions hardware, software and high resolution crop image data is collected. Prior to Farm Solutions, Jon founded and ran a successful software company for over 10 years, which he later sold to RealPage, a public software company. Jon remained at RealPage as Division President and corporate SVP prior to starting FarmSolutions.

Aug 17, 2017 8:55:14 AM

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Just How Accurate is your Drone?

UAV Visions

Mike Tully
Aerial Services Inc.

Mike Tully has been the President & CEO of Aerial Services, Inc. (Cedar Falls, IA) since 2002. He is a certified photogrammetrist, and has a B.S. in Forestry from Northern Arizona University, a M.S. in Forestry Entomology from the University of Maine, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa. He is a certified GIS-Professional, techno-geek, and the head of "Getting Right Things Done Well" at Aerial Services. Mike is an innovator and thinker.

Feb 13, 2017 10:38:00 AM

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Drivers for Mass Drone Adoption

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Eva Pagneux
Squadrone System

With over ten years experience in product management and marketing for various startups in the tech space, Eva is passionate about bringing new technology to market and has participating to several industry panels and talks. She currently drives a team of 15 engineers to bring innovative drone technology to a competitive UAV market with Squadrone System, a French based startup company.


Drones have been in the news for a few years. You can see them fly in your local parks. You’ve read about how Amazon plans to deliver packages with drones, or how Zipline delivers blood to Africans in need. Many consumer-facing companies and other organizations—even the U.S. government—are intensely working on drone programs to accelerate their businesses, gain productivity, and deliver higher-value services to customers.

Feb 7, 2017 2:18:00 PM

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