Ted Bahr

Dec 31, 2015 10:17:03 AM

From Ted Bahr, conference chairman of InterDrone:
The recent announcement that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is shutting down all model aircraft clubs within 30 miles of Washington’s National Airport due to national security concerns and airspace safety seems Draconian at best, and at worst a bad violation of our constitutional right to assemble. I mean, you can’t shut down a CLUB. You may be able to prohibit their flying activities in a given area, but you can’t close their doors. Can the government prove that the flyers from each of these clubs were violating the airspace rules?
I’m writing from Vermont where I am on vacation. Right now I’m leaving to go shoot skeet with my son. The club operates a field 30 miles away from where the club is located and in NY state. Does this ban extend to activities like that? Then how do you “shut down a club?” This feels like the 1960’s all over again, with the exception being that the “people” are drone flyers - many of them veterans and people with professional pilot licenses - instead of hippies. 
I’m not a lawyer, but I look forward to hearing the true legal opinion of what’s going on here. Be sure that this will be a an important topic that will be covered in depth at InterDrone in September, and between now and then in the digital pages of InterDrone News and the InterDrone blog.

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