Christina Cardoza

Mar 23, 2016 1:01:23 PM


While drones have proven useful in real estate, media, agriculture, search and rescue, and other industries and services, XenoSky is looking to bring the technology into new areas such as your home. The company has announced a new drone, the Loop, targeted at the family market and focused on modern-day family values.

“Modern-day families are very pragmatic, and represent the core of our company values of portability, practicality, sharing and fun. We created the Loop to offer features that incorporate these values,” said Anthony Spicer, CMO of XenoSky.

According to the company, drones seem to focus on extreme lifestyles and are often too gimmicky for everyday use. The Loop is designed to feature professional-level features with functionality families can understand. It features foldable form for portability, a portable gimbal system, FPV goggles to see through the drone’s perspective, and light-finger sky-writing that allows users to zoom, swoop, and loop around with the swipe of a finger.

Other standard features include waypoint, patrolling, auto-follow, live-sharing, flight-limiter, an intelligent battery, auto-return, and intelligent orientation control.

"The Family Pack provides everything you need to ensure successful drone experiences, designed for the whole family to enjoy, including the drone itself with its own slimline carry case, a handheld gimbal, a 4K action camera, and our own superview FPV Goggles," said Eric Song, CEO of XenoSky.

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