Speaker Resource Center

The InterDrone 2018 Call for Speakers is Open

Would you like to speak at InterDrone, The International Drone Conference and Exposition? Read on!

We are currently seeking proposals for 60-minute sessions or two-part, 120-minute sessions, as well as panelists for pre-determined panel topics. InterDrone kicks off on Wednesday morning, September 5, and will have three jam-packed days of sessions and panels.

Your Proposal

When you propose a class, be clear about what the attendee will learn. What will they walk away from your class and be able to do? Bullet points can be very helpful. Please assume that the attendees already know why you are talking about the subject matter and do not need a lengthy introduction about why the topic is important or interesting. Get to the real instruction or insights.

The classes are not an opportunity for a sales pitch, but rather a time to teach attendees practical skills in building, buying, or flying and using drones.

In your session proposal, please include the following:

  • The proposed title of your class. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
  • A description of 150 – 300 words. The more detail you provide, the better. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
  • Tell us if your session is Overview, Intermediate or Advanced level.
  • Explain what prerequisite skills or knowledge should be expected.
  • Your bio of 125–150 words, with a summary of your teaching expertise. We reserve the right to change it to our style.
  • Your hi-res digital headshot.

Also identify which track your session falls into:

  • Construction, Aggregates and Mining
  • Cinema and Photo
  • Business
  • Development and Hardware
  • Inspection
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Public Safety
  • Surveying and Mapping

Please submit a proposal electronically as a text e-mail or as a Word document to Katie Flash, Content Director, InterDrone, at Katie.Flash@emeraldexpo.com by Friday, April 27. You will be notified by Tuesday, May 15, if you’ve been accepted to speak or not.