Women in Drones Luncheon

Women in Drones Luncheon

The Women in Drones Luncheon is a special networking event created to connect women in the drone industry. You’re invited to be a part of this unique opportunity, and hear from leading women in the drone space while sharing your own experiences and insights. You will be encouraged to participate in this dynamic and interactive event.

Your participants are:

Suzanne Lemieux, UAS Lead and Manager, API (American Petroleum Institute)

Lia Reich, VP Marketing-Communications at PrecisionHawk
Sharon Rossmark, CEO and Founder of Women and Drones
Mariah Scott, President of Skyward, A Verizon Company

InterDrone pioneered the first Women in Drones Luncheon in 2015, and we are excited to offer this for a fourth year in a row on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm.