Public Infrastructure White Paper

Quick Start Guide to Drones in Public Infrastructure

The United States is home to 164,000 miles of highway, 223,000 miles of railway track, and an electrical grid that’s been called the most complex machine humans have made. Drones represent an opportunity to cover all that infrastructure faster, safer, and more efficiently. How can you start taking advantage of their benefits today? The Quick Start Guide to Drones in Public Infrastructure assembles the best knowledge available on drone use for DoT, rail, and telecommunications projects.

Included in the white paper:

  • Market Overview with a list of the top vendors
  • Explanation of uses and challenges integrating drones into your projects
  • In-depth SWOT analysis drone use in public infrastructure
  • A getting started guide
  • Lessons learned and cautionary tales
  • A 25+ link resource list

Cheaper than helicopters and safer than sending a person, drones are establishing new protocols which are rewriting the way inspections will be done in the future. With mature and increasingly efficient options entering the market place, now is the perfect time to begin integrating drones into your infrastructure inspections and mapping projects.

This is the third in a new series of Skylogic Research white papers, intended to provide an introduction to drone use in specific industries. Our goal is to help drone-based service providers and business users maximize the value that drones can bring to operational groups. This year, we are building on the analysis we did for the 2017 Five Valuable Business Lessons Learned papers by providing guidance and industry-specific resources that will help you kick-start your practice.